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We are Long Ball Rally

We're a grassroots, automotive enthusiast based group that organizes road rallies to various car shows throughout the Midwest.

After a bit of a hiatus, LBR is back in the driver's seat and we've got some big plans for 2016. How does rallies to five different shows sound? And that number is set to go up.

Our goal is to help build the scene by getting as many people as possible out to the different shows that the Midwest has to offer. In the process, we hope to establish a strong network of event organizers, vendors, sponsors, advertisers... that Midwest shows can utilize to help each other grow. Maybe it's a little ambitious, but we're excited about it and we're working towards making it happen.

As of right now, 2016 will see LBR bombing to #eurodistrict, #eurowerks, #brewhaus, #dubsinthevalley, #madfurther, and #windycitydubfest. If you've got a show that you'd like us to come to, of you'd like to start a leg of one of our rallies from a different location and just meet up with us at the show that would be cool, just hit us up at info@longballrally.com and we'll make something happen.

All of our events are open to anyone that would like to participate and are free to join. Just meet up with us at one of our designated stops and join in on the fun.


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